Mold Remediation

Assessment and Containment

We will inspect your home, testing surfaces and air quality to identify all traces of mold spores present in your home. We then create and present to you our plan for remediation. We will answer any questions you have and work with you to explain everything we need to do and why.

Next, we find and close off the source of moisture and seal off contaminated areas. This helps us ensure that the mold spores will not spread beyond these areas while we work. By acting quickly and containing the problem, we help save you cost, time, and aggravation during our remediation efforts.

Filtration and Removal

Once the affected areas are contained, we get to work removing the mold spores present. We use HEPA filters to clean the air, removing any airborne mold spores from the affected areas. We then clean non-porous surfaces with antimicrobial cleaners. Our workers all wear protective garments and masks to prevent ingestion and accidental spreading of the mold on their persons as well.

Porous surfaces are subject to deep penetration by mold, so usually these items need to be removed from your home. This also includes building materials and equipment that may be in the affected area. Removing and disposing of these items helps eliminate lingering spores and prevent future growth and spreading in your home.

Drying and Repair

To further prevent the return of mold spores, we thoroughly dry the entire area. Mold thrives on moisture, so keeping everything dry stops the problem from recurring down the road. Our service is designed not only to eliminate threats, but also to prevent their return.

Next, we go about any repair work required after we are finished removing mold from your home. Sometimes we need to work into surfaces or replace contaminated items with new, non-contaminated parts. We take the time and effort to get rid of the problem and dispose of anything that cannot be salvaged.


After all work is completed, we test the affected areas to ensure complete eradication of the mold threat. This includes surface and air testing. We also test to make sure the area is dry and sealed, as new moisture could otherwise create additional mold growth.

Mold removal and remediation requires much more than disinfecting and wiping down affected surfaces. We follow a careful, systematic approach to identifying your needs and planning the steps required forremoving the mold problems, and testing to confirm that the area is safe. Our service people are all trained professionals with experience handling and eliminating hazardous materials, and work with the best equipment available for handling the hazards in your home.